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Flexspeed Technology provides state-of-the-art machine tools with innovative smart factory solution for the precision engineering industry.

We strive for “perfection without compromise”. Our highest belief is in providing our valued customers with innovative solutions to increase productivity and reduce manpower needs. We value our users’ opinions, as this is the key to our growth in R&D, assembly, sales, and service. By ensuring “solutions beyond expectations”, customers trust our after-sales service quality and reliability.

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Highly Trained Professionals

Our well-trained specialists provide innovative solutions


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We provide you only the best services and results.

What we do

Our Management has More Than 60+ Years in Machine Tools Service and Repairs

Our long historical experience in machinery and innovation allows us to be the leading partner for the precision engineering industry in Singapore. 


Your Preferred Partner for Engineering Solutions

We offer a wide range of cutting-edge solutions to help grow your business.


Future-proof your business with automation. Automate your manufacturing to optimise your enterprise operations.

Engineering Solutions

Enhance your business productivity and streamline your business processes with our customised engineering solutions.

Software Solution

Get digitized and transform your business with our up-to-date software solution.

Machine Tools

Our core business - we aim to provide you with the most suitable machine for your manufacturing needs.

Service Support

Our team of highly trained and professional service engineers will help reduce your machine downtime, maximising production output.

Storage Solutions

With our effective storage solutions, we can help you recover up to 90% of the currently occupied floor space using our innovative automated vertical storage system.

Our Products

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About Us

We Have 60 Years Of
Experience In This Field

Flexspeed Technology Pte Ltd was incorporated in 2003 as a premier machine tools sales and services organization. Over the years, Flexspeed has grown to become one of the most reliable sales and service providers in the machine tools industry in the South East Asia region.

Our Mission

To be the link between our principal’s technologically-advanced machinery and cutting-edge know-how, and to translate those into customised solutions for our valued customers.

To provide one-stop services encompassing turnkey solutions, machine applications, installation and maintenance through our professional team of experienced and well-trained specialists.

To form partnerships with customers and principals whose overall mission parallels that of ours: Quality, Reliability, Performance, Technology and Customer Service Excellence

Our Vision

Our Flexspeed vision is to be a premier machine tools organization that provides: State-of-the-Art Technology Customized Solutions Excellent Services With the combination of all 3 services, we aim to provide solutions beyond expectations.

We Provided Best Enginnering
Services For You

Using the latest technology, we aim to provide innovative i4.0 solutions to our customers.

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