About Us


Flexspeed Technology Pte Ltd was incorporated in 2003 as a premier machine tools sales and services organization.

Over the years, Flexspeed has grown to become one of the most reliable sales and service providers in the machine tools industry in the South East Asia region. We provide engineering solutions to a wide range of customers. These include the dental, medical, energy, aerospace, precision engineering, oil gas and marine industries amongst many others. We are the exclusive agent for many leading European, Japanese and Taiwanese machine tool manufacturers. Flexspeed has business presence in South-East Asia and also in India.


Service is our main core of the business. Here at Flexspeed, we believe that by providing timely and quality service, we would be able to make a difference. Our service team comprises of service engineers from machine tools manufacturers. Our ability to service a wide range of machines is what sets us apart from our competitors.

Your Preferred Partner for Engineering Solutions

We offer a wide range of cutting-edge solutions to help grow your business.


Our Flexpeed vision is to be a premier Industry 4.0 enabler that provides:

State of the Art Technology

Customized Solutions

Excellent Services

With the combination of all 3 services, we aim to provide solutions that are beyond expectations.


To be the link between our principal’s technologically-advanced machinery and cutting-edge know-how, and to translate those into customised solutions for our valued customers.

To provide one-stop services encompassing turnkey solutions, machine applications, installation and maintenance through our professional team of experienced and well-trained specialists.

To form partnerships with customers and principals whose overall mission parallels that of ours: Quality, Reliability, Performance, Technology and Customer Service Excellence


Highly Trained Professionals

Our well-trained specialists provide innovative solutions.


We offer attractive prices for the best value.


We provide you only the best services and results.


Your Preferred Partner for Engineering Solutions

We offer a wide range of cutting-edge solutions to help grow your business.


Future-proof your business with factory automation. Automate your manufacturing to optimise your enterprise operations.

Engineering Solutions

Our engineering solutions will be tailored to enhance your business productivity and streamline your business processes with our cutting-edge machines and technology.

Software Solution

Get digitized and transform your business with our up-to-date software solution.

Machine Tools

Our core business, having a combined experience of more than 60 years, we aim to provide you with the most suitable machine for your manufacturing needs.

Service Support

Service is our strength. Supported by a team of professional, experienced and well trained specialists, Flexspeed provides comprehensive manufacturing solutions, machine applications, installation and maintenance. We believe that by providing solutions that are beyond expectations we will be able to make the difference.

Storage Service

With increasing rent and manpower costs, managing a warehouse has become increasingly inefficient. With our storage solutions, we can help you recover up to 90% of the currently occupied floor space, using the facilities’ vertical space to its fullest potential. Thereby increasing your productivity and creating a safe workplace.


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